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Hand luggage (pets, bicycles, skis…)

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Hand luggage (pets, bicycles, skis…)

What are the conditions for carrying skis on a suburban train?
Skis belongs to the category of hand luggage, so if your the dimensions of your skis exceed 180cm (in either height, width or length), you will need to pay for their transportation.

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Is it possible to transport animals on suburban trains and on what conditions?
Yes, it is possible with payment of the cost of transportation and in the presence of appropriate veterinary documents.

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Is it possible to arrange a season ticket for the transport of bicycles?
Yes, you can. For the transport of bicycles, it is necessary to arrange for the "Veloption" service to be added season ticket.

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Do I need to pay to transport bicycles on suburban trains?
Except for certain time periods, yes. The cost of transporting bicycles up to a distance of 100km - 60 rubles and over 100km - 120 rubles.

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