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Central EPC seeks to increase the availability of its suburban passenger infrastructure for those passengers with limited mobility

For passengers with hearing and speech disabilities who want to purchase tickets, a network of self-service terminals is being developed throughout the Moscow transport hub. At present, there are 1185 automatic ticket machines which print tickets. At the same time, there is a consultant working at each station-stop equipped with a ticket machine who can assist with the preparation of travel documents.

For passengers with hearing and speech disabilities, 20 station-stops are equipped with a visual alert system for passengers. A total of 40 group displays and 119 platform signs have been installed. Turnstile complexes and ticket offices are equipped with 105 LCD monitors indicating the arrival / departure of trains, as well as changes in the traffic schedule (see more details on the routes below).

For passengers with visual disabilities, a special tactile covering is provided in front of the entrances to passenger infrastructure facilities. 170 station-stops are equipped with "auto-announcer" systems which provide information about the arrival and departure of trains, and changes to scheduled train traffic.

177 station-stops are equipped with special ramps so that passengers with limited mobility can access the platforms. A multi-functional complex concourse at station-stop Mytishchi provides an elevator for those with limited mobility.

At the main stations in Moscow and in regional centers, there are special ticket windows for passengers with limited mobility.

Beginning in 2015, in accordance with paragraph 5.1.18 of the "Standard Requirements for the Motorized Rolling Stock of Commuter Trains," in each newly-constructed suburban electric train, at least one car must be equipped with special equipment for the transportation of those members of the population with limited mobility. With this in mind, the head cars of new electric trains will be equipped with folding ramps with a load capacity of 350 kg, which will allow people with disabilities to enter the car unhindered. The ramps are located in the front vestibule of the head car on either side. The widths of the doors and corridors in carriages (a minimum of 800 mm) will ensure unhindered passage for a standard-sized wheelchair. Electric trains are designed with special areas for passengers with disabilities in wheelchairs which are equipped with seat belts for securing the wheelchairs while on-board. Information plates in the cars and call buttons are equipped with script in Braille. Toilet facilities will be adapted for use by people with disabilities. With this in mind, the size of the toilet compartments is specially designed for unhindered access for a person in a wheelchair.