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The CSPC held its traditional meeting with passengers

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The CSPC held its traditional meeting with passengers


On February 21st, the regular meeting of CSPC top management and department heads was held with passengers. As per tradition, the meeting was held in the "question-answer" format with the participation of representatives of government authorities, Russian Railways, representatives of the Russian Ministry of the Interior and the All-Russian Association of Passengers. The main objective of events like these is to create an effective dialog with direct users of the company's services, as well as to find solutions to improve their quality. The main topics of concern for passengers were travel discounts, purchasing season tickets, the possibility of non-cash payment to cashiers for travel, information on delays, maintenance of platforms and their availability for limited-mobility travelers. But the meeting's participants did not confine themselves to specific issues; they also made proposals - for example, on optimizing preferential tickets. One area which didn't go without discussion was the topic of security - specifically during the 2018 World Cup. Passengers were assured that work to improve security measures on commuter trains is happening daily, and during the competition, it will be strengthened by means of a special transport security unit. One of the most common issues of interest to train passengers is the trains' occasional delays versus the timetable. CSPC Director for Operations Vladimir Kozlov explained that trains can be delayed for several reasons: "The main reason is the construction of additional track, and to a lesser extent, the malfunctioning of the rolling stock. Next, there are people suffering from trauma on the railway tracks; as a rule, in such cases, the driver provides first aid to the victim. In general, our overall percentage of compliance with the traffic schedule is 98.5%, whereas in Germany, for example, it is 96%." The company promised to take into account all the passengers' wishes, and continue to work actively to improve the quality of its services. The Management of CSPC expressed its gratitude to all those present. A special aspect of this meeting was the fact that, for the first time, the All-Russian Association of Passengers was there - it is one of the key organizations for the protection of citizens' rights on public transport, which strives toward high-quality and advanced service, as well as compliance with the rules for transportation companies. The Chairman of the Association asked a question concerning the sanitary condition of commuter trains. Sabina Tsvetkova: "We receive complaints from passengers about sanitary conditions on electric commuter trains. For example, toilets that haven't been cleaned, and which are then locked when they get dirty. Of course, in this regard, we ask that the carrier take responsibility for the issue in order to completely resolve it and improve the comfort of travel. With this, as well as with other issues, we will fulfill our civic responsibility and ask passengers to share information with us that will help the carrier improve the quality of the journey." Events like this one have become a CSPC tradition. The first was held in December 2013 and proved to be so effective that it was decided to hold meetings regularly. Since then, they have become a platform for constructive dialog, an opportunity to learn about the problems of passengers and their wishes, to talk about company news and clarify contentious issues.