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The Central Suburban Passenger Company discussed its new excursion routes planned for 2018.

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The Central Suburban Passenger Company discussed its new excursion routes planned for 2018.


On February 17, CSPC participated in the First Interregional Museum Forum, called "Let's Go to the Museum" in Istra, where best practices and contemporary ideas of how to work with visitors were discussed. Forum participants were presented with plans for the implementation of different concepts of travel projects in the Moscow Region cities of Zvenigorod, Mozhaysk, Gzhel, and Shatura. There are excursions on different subjects: for children, family tours, pilgrimages, tours for the less mobile and for elderly citizens. Together with the Moscow Region Ministry of Culture, hiking and cycling routes "tied" to convenient train departure times and oriented toward the free-form visiting of sights are planned out. At the forum, CSPC summed up the results of the previous year: a great deal of excursions were organized, as were thematic trips to estates, museums, ethnocentric parks, industrial facilities, and eco-settlements. The list of routes is constantly expanding: as of today, routes initiate from 44 stations. One of the most popular is "Dmitrov for Free" on Saturdays. Passengers were left with positive impressions from the Apple Train to Kolomna, Maslenichnovo, Zakharovo and others. For the whole of 2017, over 13 thousand people took trips for tourism. The company continues to develop tourism in three formats: the transportation of organized groups; weekend trips for independent tourists, and the mass attendance of holiday and large-scale events. New audio guides are being developed in Russian and English, and soon the guidebook "The Talking Electric Train", which received the Grand Prix at the All-Russian Tourist Prize Event called "Route of the Year," will be available for express passengers. CSPC's trains are now more comfortable and they allow you to reach any part of the Moscow region without sitting in traffic, and without parking concerns. This gives every family an excellent opportunity to arrange a small adventure every weekend. Follow news about the company's tourism projects by subscribing to the newsletter on the site - this year you will find a lot of interesting things.