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More than 12 thousand fare-dodgers were fined by CSPC in 2017

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More than 12 thousand fare-dodgers were fined by CSPC in 2017


For the year of 2017, non-paying commuter train passengers on CSPC trains paid 467 fines for a total of 510 thousand rubles. In total in 2017, the company issued 12,080 fine documents. “Every day about 15% of our passengers use the trains of the CSPC without paying the fare. Counting the exact number of fare-dodgers is difficult: many do not have a passport or refuse to present one. At the same time, they use different tactics to cheat cashier-controllers, remarked Sergey Rusov, Sales Director of CSPC: Some prefer to move from car to car, and can run like that for the entire trip. Some just pay partially for their trip. Those who choose aggressive tactics, provoke the controller into a conflict, or act scandalously, are caught on video. Conventional con-artists use fake documents." Among passengers, there is a common misconception that cashier-controllers cannot remove fare-dodgers from the train. But this is not the case: in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the controller, as a representative of the carrier, has the right not only to check travel documents and to collect a fine, but also, in case of refusal to pay, to de-board fare-dodgers with the participation of the police. Since 2017, CSPC has equipped its cashier-controllers with personal DVRs. Last year, 160 employees received them, and in January of this year - another 280 employees. In 2018 recorders will be provided to all cashier-controllers in the company who operate in the Moscow transport hub. Thanks to this solution, conflicts have become much less frequent, and in the event of disputed situations, it has become possible to reconstruct a picture of events. CSPC cashier-controllers are professionals, whose preparation and training are of great importance to the company: specialists are trained, where they learn to prevent and resolve conflicts, thus improving the culture of service. Since September 2017, they have been trained on a VR-simulator, which allows for the recreation of a virtual reality situation in which the controller can act as if he/she is on the job. CSPC inspectors conduct checks of their cashier-controllers and help them improve the quality of their work.