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Special fares


A special discount ticket is a travel document issued at a reduced price. The procedure and conditions for granting a discount benefit are determined by the executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Passengers can learn more about the amount of a discount benefit at any suburban ticket office or railway station.
Benefits for students
Students (full-time) are entitled to purchase travel documents with a 50% discount from the regular ticket price during the period from September 1 to June 15. 
Students are required to confirm their rights to any discount benefit annually from 1 to 31 August.
Annually, all IPC holders need to re-confirm their preferential status. Without confirmation of preferential status, entering a privileged subscription on an IPC is not possible. 

To confirm preferential status, it is necessary:
  1. To fill out an application for the extension of the privilege on the site www.наэлектричке.рф, by filling out the questionnaire;   

  2. Print the application and go with it to the most convenient place for you to hand in applications and receive an IPC - a cashier at a suburban railway station or at a railway station in Moscow. You should have the following documents with you: 

    • Passport
    • Student ID
    • A printed statement with a personal signature
    • An original certificate from the university, confirming that you are a full-time student, issued not earlier than 1 month before the date of applying for an IPC. The certificate must be issued on the official letterhead of the educational institution and certified with a signature and stamp in the dean's office of the educational institution
  3. Wait for an sms-notification (on the mobile phone number indicated in the application) that the application has been processed. The extension of preferential status is made within one week from the submission of the application.
Benefits for children
In an ordinary commuter train, a passenger has the right to be accompanied by children under the age of 5 free of charge, as well as children between the ages of 5 and 7 with the payment of a children's fare.

When traveling in an Express with reserved seating, a cash-free ticket is issued for a child under the age of 5, if the child does not occupy a separate seat.

If a child under the age of 5 takes a separate seat in an Express with reserved seating, then a ticket is issued at the child fare

For children over 7 years old, a travel document is issued for an adult passenger.
Other categories of beneficiaries


The right to purchase travel documents with a 100% discount from the ticket price on the day of travel or in advance for a one-way or round-trip ticket on a train numbered 6000 or 7000 is given to:

Moscow Region*

The right to purchase travel documents with a 100% discount from the cost of one-way or round-trip tickets on the day of travel on trains numbered 6000 belongs to:

  • labor veterans;
  • military service veterans;
  • persons who worked in wartime industry during the period from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 for at least six months, excluding the period of work in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR, or those awarded with orders and medals of the USSR for selfless labor during the Great Patriotic War;
  • rehabilitated persons and persons recognized as victims of political repression, living in the Moscow Region.

Conditions for applying for travel documents (tickets) with a 100% discount:

  • only single-use one-way or round-trip travel documents (tickets) are issued on the day of travel or beforehand for trains with 6000 and 7000 series numbering
  • Registration of a free ticket is made upon presentation to the cashier of a social card with a valid benefit. In the case of registration / re-registration of a social card: it is necessary to present a document proving your identity, a document confirming the right to the privilege and the officially produced certificates issued by the territorial authority of Social Protection of the Population.

 * The right to purchase travel documents with a 100% discount on the cost of tickets (age limits, etc.) is determined by the territorial structural units of the Ministry of Social Protection of the Population.

To buy discount tickets for travel on suburban trains and Express trains you can:


Who has the right to free travel?
Which documents are needed for a federal level recipient when processing a cashless travel document?
· A certificate approved by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, confirming the right to a cashless journey on railway transport; · An official identity document; · An official document certifying the right to free travel.
Who has the right to free travel as an accompanying person
· Persons with Group I disabilities, as well as citizens diagnosed as such before 01.01.2010, · Persons with Group II and III disabilities and those unable or unsuitable to work as per degree III (before the next medical evaluation), · Children with disabilities have the right to free travel, as well as the person accompanying them.
Where are the travel documents for the «Express» with seating reservation issued?
These travel documents are issued at: · At long-distance ticket offices · At specialised suburban ticket offices displaying the "Express" sticker · On the OJSC «RZhD» website
For which types of train can students purchase reduced-fare tickets?
Reduced-fare single-trip tickets for students are formalised both for ordinary suburban commuter trains and for express trains.
What kind of reduced-price travel pass can a student acquire?
A student can only be issued a «Daily» ticket with a one-month validity period.
On which trains is a student travel pass valid
Subscription for students operates in ordinary suburban trains (trains of the 6000th category). On express trains (trains numbered 7xxx) without provision of seats (REX, Sputnik), and with the provision of seats, student reduced-price travel passes are invalid.
What do I need to do to apply for a reduced-price travel pass?
Reduced-price travel passes are issued only to those with the Muscovite Social Card (MSC) for students or Individual Plastic Card (IPK) when presented with a valid student card. If you don’t have the MSC card, you need to apply for the IPK.
Where can I register for a student travel pass?
At any suburban ticket office located in Moscow.
Do all children have the right to reduced-fare travel?
On suburban trains without seating reservations (both ordinary and express trains), passengers have the right to transport children under the age of five years old free of charge. For children aged between five and seven, the accompanying adult must pay the reduced-rate children’s fare. Children over seven years old are charged the full-price adult fare.
How much do tickets cost for schoolchildren?
According to the current agreements in the territory of Moscow and the Moscow, Tula, Kursk and Bryansk regions, students in compulsory education (schoolchildren) are granted a 50% discount when travelling on suburban trains.
Which documents are required for a student to register for a reduced-fare ticket?
To register for a reduced-fare ticket, the student must provide the following documents at the ticket desk: 1. Either SCM (Muscovite Social Card) or IPC (Individual Plastic Card) (You can learn the procedure for obtaining the IPC here). 2. Student ID In the absence of SCM, it is necessary to produce a document confirming the right to a reduced-fare ticket and a certificate stating that SCM is in the process of being registered. When registering on the territory of the Moscow Region, it is sufficient to present only the document confirming the right to reduced-fare travel. Single-trip tickets for schoolchildren are only issued on the day of the trip.

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